Located a few miles west of the English Lake District, West Cumbria’s Georgian Port, Whitehaven has been undergoing extensive economic and physical re-generation in recent years. The Beacon Museum, located on the south harbour front, opened in 1996, and provides a gallery, museum and tourist information service.

Although the Beacon serves the geographically, socially and economically diverse Borough of Copeland, The Harbour Gallery has an wider importance, being the only purpose built, publicly funded, visual arts exhibition space in the whole of West Cumbria.


Paul Scott is the Artist in Residence/Visual Arts Curator at the Beacon Museum. Scott has lived and worked in West Cumbria for the past twenty years, but has an international reputation as an artist, author, curator and world authority on the graphic development of ceramic surfaces. He has organised international exhibitions and symposia, and lectured widely in North America and mainland Europe. Between Jan 2000 and Jan 2002, he was the Norma Lipman, Senior Research Fellow in the Fine Art Department of the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Scott’s exhibition programme is bringing national and international exhibitions of exceptional quality into West Cumbria, developing exhibitions that reference the Beacon’s rich collection, and celebrating visual arts projects of national and international standing that have originated in Cumbria.

Beacon GalleryExhibitions are being co-ordinated with an innovative workshop programme involving artists working within the community, through existing and new groupings. The exhibitions and workshops programme also involves Cumbria Arts in Education, The Lakes College and Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

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